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Bahnhofstrasse Capital Corporation is a boutique private wealth management firm which operates under the auspices of, and is a private partner to, a major Swiss private bank. Based on its legacy relationship and service, our firm is a member of, and an entry portal to Switzerland's banking consortium.  BCC's principal and his supporting directors are senior relationship managers to the bank and its consortium partners.  Under the consortium's operations we serve a privileged role through offering access to private capital clients, family offices, and private equity clients who seek entry into the most elite level of Swiss banking.  BCC's role is to assist and advise these clients who are among the best and brightest investors in the world, to accomplish their chosen project's funding.

Please note, we are not venture capitalists, nor are we angel lenders.  Thus we cannot  fund projects that do not have serious capital investors already engaged in them.  Our model serves our chosen clients' project finance needs by offering them non recourse financing based on their compliance with our protocol and methodology.

Bahnhofstrasse Capital Corporation's role, as senior relationship managers, is to assist in funding world wide beneficial projects of its choosing.  Our invitation is based on reviewing the executive summary of a project and through examining and assessing the project's current capital investment.  In practice, we seek to enhance that investment through our banking relationships with a direct contribution to the investor's funds for their chosen project(s) under a non recourse protocol.  As a consequence of a capital investor's participation, he will retain full control of the supported project and its ownership.  Entry is only open to select, financially capable clients with worthy global projects.